Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers help support the many library programs sponsored by the Fountain Hills Friends of the Library. Whether volunteering for the FHFL Resale Book Shop, Books for the Homebound, or joining the FHFL Board of Directors, each offers a unique opportunity to meet new people and become involved with the library and the community. Our volunteers help to make the Fountain Hills Branch Library an exciting learning place for all ages.

Book Shop

The FHFL Resale Book Shop is staffed 100% by volunteers. Sales from the Resale Book Shop are the major support for funding library programs that are enjoyed by every age group. For more information or to sign up, please contact us.

ALERT:   VOLUNTEERS  NEEDED    We are “Looking” for you….Interested???

The Friends of the Library Bookshop Managers are seeking Volunteers to work the backroom.  Duties include:  emptying and sorting material left in the Donation Box, pricing and shelving Donated Books, and restocking Books in the Bookshop.If interested please call Peggy Donnelly at  ( 480 )  229- 5283

****feel free to pass this on to your Friend and Volunteer together.

Become a Board Member

Friends of the Library Board of Directors are elected at the January Annual General Meeting. Directors serve for 3-year terms. Each director has a specific area of responsibility and may serve on one or more committees. Directors are expected to attend monthly board meetings unless excused. For more information, please contact us or contact any of our current board members.

Teen Council

Teen Council, a FHFL sponsored club, creates great programs where the teens can work with children of the community at the library, through programs such as Princes Academy, a Star Wars program and an Orgami program.  Please contact us for more information about becoming the Teen Council’s representative on the Library Advisory Board.

Books For The Homebound

Volunteers are needed to provide books to homebound library patrons. Each volunteer spends approximately two hours every other week to check out and return books.  Please contact us if you are interesting in volunteering for this program.

Assist with Special Events

The Events Series needs volunteers several times during the year to help with the logistics of hosting a visiting author or helping with a sponsored event. This may include: providing or arranging transportation for an author, handing out FHFL brochures, helping with book sales and signing, arranging audience chairs and setting up the speaker system. It is a fun way to interact with the library staff, the Friends of the Library board members, and to meet the author or presenter!